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STEM Pathways

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STEM Pathways 

STEM Pathways programs in science, technology, engineering and math improve participants' curiosity, logical thinking, problem-solving, and team communication – workforce skills necessary to compete in a high-tech global society.

The STEM Pathways Equation: Engagement + Problem Solving = Learning 

The STEM Pathways equation is simple Engagement + Problem Solving = Learning. Each of the twelve STEM Pathways Challenges focuses  on a real world problem that tasks young people to use  the scientific method or engineering design process to come up with a plausible solution. With current scientists and engineers retiring in record numbers, there is a demand for professionals in these fields. The goal is to propel young people’s interest on a career path in STEM. In addition, youth’s curiosity, courage, perseverance, teamwork, creativity, communication and critical thinking skills will be enhanced through their involvement in STEM Pathways.   

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