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STEM Pathways Challenges

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Discover your STEM Pathway as you…
  • Use your creativity and innovation to design a solution for a real-world problem
  • Investigate the scientific method as you formulate and test your hypothesis
  • Explore STEM careers making a difference today
  • Develop problem-solving, communication, and teamwork skills
Each STEM Pathway Challenge allows you to

ASK – What are some possible ideas or your hypothesis?

PLAN/HYPOTHESIZE – Sketch out your design idea or identify your variables for the experiment.

CREATE/TEST – Put your design idea into action or conduct your experiment. 

TEST/ANALYZE – How well did your design or experiment work?

IMPROVE/COMMUNICATE – Make changes to improve your design and communicate your experiment results. 

Select one of the challenges to start your STEM Pathway! 

The challenge curriculum and a 4-6 minute informational video will prepare facilitators and engage youth through experiential learning.  

A Boost Against Arthritis Hay Swift Kick
AgBot Animal Handling Natural Glue
AgBot Harvest Please Just Contain It

Clean Water

Smoke Jumper
Cookie Prospecting Submarine Exploration
Corny Polymer Balls Test Tube Takeaway Color Blob
Eggstraordinary Power Watersheds at Work
Glucose Detective