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2019 Permission to Participate in Ohio 4-H Dog Activities Required Form

The Permission to Participate in Ohio 4-H Dog Activities Disclosure and Release of Claims document is mandatory for ALL 4-H dog project members who are enrolled in dog projects where they have a 4-H project dog(s). ALL youth enrolled in 4-H dog projects are required to sign the 2019 Permission to Participate in Ohio 4-H Dog Activities Disclosure and Release of Claims document, as well as a parent or guardian is required to sign this document, before youth are allowed to participate in any 4-H dog activities with their dogs. A current year's Form MUST be signed EACH year and BEFORE a youth participates in the Ohio 4-H Dog Program with their project dog(s). This document MUST be kept on file at the county Extension office. It is also recommended the 4-H club advisor and parent/guardian keep a signed copy. 

Partnership with AKC 
The American Kennel Club is excited to continue to offer 4-H members an opportunity to try AKC events. They have developed a special form (see link below) that allows 4-H members to 1) obtain an AKC junior handler number and 2) (if necessary) obtain an AKC participation number for their dog, at no charge. (While the junior number is always free, there is normally a $35 fee to get a Purebred Alternative Listing or Canine Partner (All-American Dog) number for a dog). Once the 4-H member has a junior handler number and a participation number for their dog, they can begin participating in AKC events, earning AKC titles on their dogs, as well as get points in the new Junior Recognition Program.
There are several events that may be held independently of an AKC club, where AKC titles may be earned by 4-H members. These include the Agility Course Test, the Canine Good Citizen Test, Trick Dog Testing, as well as the Farm Dog Certification. Also, special for 4-H dog clubs, AKC will process the CGC and Trick Dog title applications at no charge (normally $20.00 for each title), following instructions on the letter from AKC in the link below, which includes the Canine Partners/PAL/Junior Number application. Forms MUST be submitted in groups by 4-H clubs, 4-H show committees, etc. Individuals may NOT submit single forms.
Youth with dogs with AKC registration numbers mnust complete a Junior Handler Number application, but do not need to complete the CP/PAL/Junior Number special form.
Presentations from Ohio 4-H Conference

4-H Dogs 2018. This PowerPoint has been revised with additional explanations to some of the slides presented at O4HC to help those not present better understand their context.

You CAN Teach an Old (and Young) Dog New Tricks. This is the PowerPoint Kristen VanNess showed in this session. It is a Google document with links to Tricks training videos.

Rally Information 
The new AKC Rally Sign Set must be used when training for and judging 4-H Rally classes.
2018 County Dog Project Identification Form and Vaccination Certificate

Use of this Certificate of Vaccination at the county level MUST be approved by the county 4-H educator. Please check with him/her before exhibitor and veterinarian complete this form. Click here to download this certificate. Provided health requirements are met within the State Fair Dog Show timeline, this certificate is also an acceptable Certificate of Vaccination at the Ohio State Fair Dog Show.

2018 Dog Show Rules
The following links are to the Ohio 4-H Dog Show rules: 
AKC Trick Dog and AKC Canine Good Citizen (Updated May 9 to reflect changes as of June 1 in  AKC Trick Dog Advanced Title)
2018 Dog Showmanship and You and Your Dog Questions
2018 Dog Show Score Sheets
Trick Dog (Can also download from AKC)
Canine Good Citizen (Sample Form - order actual form from AKC or evaulator will bring to judging)
Revisions to the Dog Resource Handbook

Dog Resource Handbook (201R) – Updates to this book have been added to our Books/Resource page under Publication Updates. There are two versions: 2016 edition and 2018 edition. Members can download one pdf with all the changes depending on which edition they own. Changes were made in these chapters: Breeds, Grooming, Communication and Behavior, Obedience, Judging, Showmanship, and Working Dogs. You can also click on the links below to download the updates:

Changes in 2016 Edition (If you currently are using the (c)2012 edition, downloading this file will bring you up-to-date. It has all of the changes for the (c)2016 and (c)2018 versions.)  

Changes in 2018 Edition (If you currently are using the (c)2016 edition, downloading this file will bring you up-to-date. It has all of the changes for (c)2018 version.) 

4-H Dog Project and Record Book - (c)2017

Please make sure when you purchase the 201 4-H Dog Project and Record Book from your county Extension office that you purchase the edition with a 2017 copywrite. Each 4-H dog project member should buy a new 4-H Dog Project and Record Book each year and use it to keep records for ALL of their dog projects, regardless of the number of projects and number of project dogs.