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PetPALS Preparing Pets

Objectives: To Help Young People
  • Learn the importance of feeding their pets a high quality diet.
  • Understand the importance of grooming their pets prior to visiting.
  • Learn the steps involved in grooming their animals.
  • Recognize signs of sickness in their pets.
  • Recognize when their animals should not visit. 
  • Learn preventative care strategies that will enhance the health and welfare of their pets.
  • Learn what vaccinations their animals must have prior to visiting.
  • Prepare a supply kit to take with them on visits.
Background Information

There is a lot of work involved in getting pets ready for animal-assisted activities. This Step will provide information about what the 4-H members must know and do to make sure their pets are in tiptop shape. Some members may have more than one pet they plan to take on AAA visits. 4-H members are permitted to take only one pet at a time on 4-H PetPALS visits. The second pet must be left at home, and can be taken to visit on a different day. Certain residents may prefer seeing one pet over the other, which could dictate which day a certain pet visits.