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PetPALS Supplies

It's In the Bag - A Supply Kit

The 4-H PetPALS Pack or supply kit the 4-H member takes on visits must be prepared prior to the visit. Each member can select his or her own backpack or tote bag, or the 4-H PetPALS club can have look-alike bags for all members. Use disposable items when possible, so they may be thrown away after a visit.

Include the following items in a backpack or tote bag:
  • Water bowl or bottle. (For a water bowl, a disposable plasticware bowl can be used.)
  • Drinking water from home or bottled water. (Pets may not drink water that is unfamiliar to them, or different water, i.e. chlorinated water, may cause stomach or intestinal upsets.)
  • Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer (Know the facility’s policy for use.)
  • Plastic bags (to pick up stools)
  • Lint Remover (use this to remove hair if the pet sheds on clothing or bedding)
  • 4-H PetPALS Passport (Includes information about your pet, health records, pictures to show, etc.)
  • Soft Animal Brush (Do not use a pin brush, slicker brush, comb, or grooming tool with metal bristles or teeth. This could hurt the person’s hands, or a person could be too rough when brushing the pet. Use a brush with soft bristles. A brush with a hand strap works well for people who cannot grasp a regular brush.)
  • Paper Towels (These come in handy for many uses.)
Items that can be included in the supply kit, but are not necessary:
  • Hand or small bath towel (Use this to dry the pet’s feet or coat if it gets wet. Check with the facility on their policy regarding use of towels with residents. Some facilities allow the 4-H member to bring a bath towel to lay on the person’s lap or bed to place the animal on the towel for the visit; others prefer using their towels so a clean one can be used for each person visited.
  • Disinfectant (Know the facility’s policy for use; Lysol is toxic to cats.)
  • Toy (The people being visited usually like to see the animal play with a toy, or like to use the toy to play with the animal. Make sure toys brought are safe for use in the activity room or person’s room.)
  • Extra collar or harness and leash (For use incase those being used break or get soiled.)
  • Treats (Know the facility’s policy on bringing in treats. If treats are allowed, bring in the treats acceptable for your pet, and only allow people to give your pet a treat that you have provided.)

When extra supplies are needed: Sometimes 4-H members forget necessary items or run out of something during the visit. It is a good idea for the 4-H PetPALS Volunteer to bring a plastic tote with some plasticware bowls, bottles of water, roll of paper towels, lint remover, plastic bags, large garbage bag for trash, hand sanitizer, soft brush, disinfectant, a couple of bath towels and a couple of hand towels, plus additional items needed for a certain animal or visit.