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PetPALS Bringing Pets

Bringing Pets

Throughout these Steps volunteers have had a chance to observe the pets in different situations. All pets must have passed either the American Kennel Club's Canine Good CitizenĀ® or Socialized PetPALS tests before this role-playing activity. This means they acted appropriately during the Reaction to Another Dog test and other CGC or SPP tests. Volunteers have also had the opportunity to observe the animals when they were brought together for socializing.

Even though the animals passed the CGC and SPP tests, when bringing different species of animals together, always be prepared for the unexpected. Provide enough space for the animals to see and meet each other when they arrive, so everyone can see how they act. Make sure all prey animals are in crates or cages during the initial introduction. Cats should initially be in a carrier and remain on a harness and leash. These animals should have been introduced to each other throughout the Steps; however, the pets may react differently on any given day. At no time should any of the pets show aggression, fear, or resentment toward people.Ā 

For the role-playing activity, youth need to bring the equipment they are using on and with their pets, as this needs to be a dress rehearsal for the pets. Pets need to be presented in the same manner in which they would be handled during a visit.