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CGC Test Item #2. Sitting Politely for Petting

This test demonstrates that the dog will allow a friendly stranger to pet it while it is out with its handler.

The handler stands with the dog sitting by his/her side. The evaluator walks up to the team and asks the handler, “May I pet your dog?” The evaluator then pets the dog on the head and body only. The evaluator then leaves either by circling the team, continuing on or backing away. The dog may stand up to accept the petting.

The dog cannot show aggression, resentment, nervousness, shyness. He cannot try to avoid petting or pull away. He can act happy with some body movements, but may not jump up or reach up with his paw. He must be under control throughout this test.

In this video clip, the Lab remains sitting at the handler’s side while the evaluator approaches and pets the dog on his head and back.