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CGC Test Item #3. Appearance and Grooming

This test demonstrates that the dog welcomes being groomed and examined, and will allow someone to do so. It also shows the owner’s care, concern, and sense of responsibility. 

The test begins with the dog either standing or sitting by the handler. The dog does not need to maintain a certain position during the test. The handler may talk to the dog and praise the dog throughout the test. The handler should provide his or her own brush or comb for this exercise.

The evaluator approaches the team, shows the dog the brush, and then softly brushes the dog. The evaluator then examines both ears and picks up each front foot.

The dog cannot show any aggression, shyness, resentment or fear. The dog may wiggle, but should not squirm so much that it cannot be brushed, or pull away to avoid brushing. 

In this video clip, the evaluator approaches the Corgi, with the handler sitting at the dog’s side, and the dog standing. The evaluator brushes the dog, checks both ears, picks up both front feet, and then pets the dog before leaving.

In this video clip, the Maltese is slightly nervous, however shows no signs of resentment or aggression and allows brushing and examination.

In this video clip, the handler is standing and the dog moves to greet the evaluator. She slightly resists her front feet being picked up, but shows no sign of fear, aggression or resentment.