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CGC Test Item #5. Walking Through a Crowd

This test demonstrates that the 4-H PetPALS team can move about politely in pedestrian traffic and is under control with the dog in public places.

A crowd is made up of three or more people, with at least one person using a mobility aid, such as crutches, wheelchair, walker, cane, etc. The crowd will mill around, people talking to each other, while the 4-H member and his/her pet walk around and pass through the group. A dog is permitted as part of the crowd, but must be a neutral dog that ignores the test dog. The handler must be attentive to the dog to make sure it does not try to get away or shows signs of stress.

During this test the dog can show some interest in the people and equipment, but should continue to walk through and around the crowd and be attentive and responsive to its handler. The handler may talk to and praise the animal while walking through the crowd. The dog may slightly hesitate, may briefly sniff a person in the crowd, but should listen to the handler and not shy from the crowd or the medical equipment. The dog may not jump on people in the crowd, try to go to them, show signs of resentment or shyness. The dog should not strain on the leash to try to get through the crowd or away from the crowd. The dog should not try to hide behind the handler.

In this video clip the Poodle is walking on a fairly loose leash, looking to the handler for direction. He shys from the walker, however does not appear afraid or resentful.

In this video clip the Maltese is being directed through the crowd by the handler, and appears to be nervous and hesitant. This dog needs more practice in a crowd to feel more comfortable walking among several people, as well as one using a walker.