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CGC Test Item #7. Coming When Called

This test demonstrates that the dog will come when called by the handler.

The 20-foot long line is still attached to the dog after completing Test #6. The handler walks 10 feet from the dog, turns to face the dog, and then calls the dog. The handler may tell the dog to “stay,” “wait” or just walk away. The dog may be left in a sit, down, or stand position. If the dog attempts to follow the handler, the evaluator may distract the dog until the handler is 10 feet away. This exercise does not test “stay,” but whether the dog will come when called.

The test is complete when the dog comes to the handler and the handler attaches the dog’s own leash.

The handler may call the dog more than once, pat the floor, their legs, bend down to call the dog, or show similar encouragement.

Dogs should not pass if the handler makes several attempts to call the dog and it does not come. Dogs should not pass if the handler needs to use the long line to reel the dog in. Dogs should not pass if they jump on their handler when they come.

This video clip also shows a dog coming, at a brisk pace. This test is complete when the handler attaches the dog's own leash.

This video clip shows the dog coming when called. The evaluator stays by the dog until he is called.