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CGC Test #8. Reaction to Another Dog 

This test demonstrates that the dog can behave politely around an approaching dog. The youth must know how his/her dog should behave when being approached by another dog, while greeting and shaking hands with that dog’s handler.

The distraction dog must not be aggressive or fearful, and must not pose a threat to the test dog and handler. The evaluator should make sure the distraction dog is reliable before the test begins. Both handlers and dogs approach each other from a distance of about 15 feet. They stop, shake hands, exchange pleasantries, and then continue on.

The test dog should show no more than a casual interest in the distraction dog. The test dog may move slightly toward the distraction dog but must stay back from the other dog and handler. The test dog can stretch its neck and sniff without moving forward to the distraction dog and handler. When the handlers stop to shake hands, the test dog cannot cross over to see the distraction dog. When the test dog/handler leaves, the dog cannot try to go to the distraction dog.

If the distraction dog causes a disruption, the dog can be tested again with a more appropriate dog. 

This video shows the Old English Sheepdog approaching the Corgi and does not appear concerned.