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PetPALS Socialized Test

Socialized PetPALS (SPP) Tests

The Socialized PetPALS (SPP) test is for all acceptable animals but dogs. This test was modified (with permission) from the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) Canine Good Citizen® (CGC) Test. 

The 4-H PetPALS team must pass all 9 Socialized PetPALS Test items for the animal to become a Socialized PetPAL. Once the team passes, it is recommended that the evaluator or another adult test the team using a mobility aid to further prepare the team for visiting people where mobility aids and medical equipment might be used.

During the tests where the handler is with the animal, he or she may encourage the pet by talking and praising.

A 4-H PetPALS volunteer leader or other person not familiar with the animals may serve as the Socialized PetPALS evaluator. 4-H PetPALS teams passing the SPP test will receive a certificate. The template is available for downloading from the website.