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SPP Test 4. Out for a Walk

This test demonstrates that the 4-H member is in control of the animal. 

The evaluator sets up a course that includes a left turn, right turn, and an about turn, with at least one stop in between and one at the end. Cats must wear a harness and be on a leash. Other animals must be secure in a pet bed or basket. During the course pets must be carried the way they would be when visiting. The handler walks through the course with the animal, while the evaluator directs the handler by calling out instructions.

The handler must be attentive to the animal throughout the course. The pet cannot try to get away, or show signs of nervousness or fear.

This video demonstrates the cat remaining calm and alert while being walked through the course.

This video demonstrates a calm rabbit being walked through the course. The rabbit is wearing a harness and leash for added safety.