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SPP Test 7. Reaction to a Neutral Dog

This test demonstrates that the animal can behave politely around a dog, and not show any fear of the dog.

Evaluators must use a dog that will not scare or threaten the test animal. The dog must walk quietly by the evaluator’s side (or stranger’s side) and only show mild interest in the animal as the 4-H PetPALS team pass by. The dog cannot jump or bark at the team.

The person with the dog and the 4-H PetPALS team need to approach each other from a distance of about 15 feet. They stop, shake hands, exchange pleasantries, and continue on. The youth with the pet shall carry that animal in the same way he or she would be carrying the animal when visiting, whether holding the pet or with it placed in a pet bed or basket. When the team stops to greet the person with the dog, the youth should position the animal so it can see the dog, but out of harms way in case the dog should threaten the pet.

This cat sees the dog, but shows no reaction.

This video shows the rabbit can see the dog and has no reaction to the dog.