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SPP Test 8. Reaction to Distractions 

This test demonstrates that the animal is confident at all times when faced with common distracting situations.

This test requires one sound distraction and one visual distraction. Both distractions must be some type of medical equipment. Sound distractions might include a dropped crutch, walker, or a metal item. A visual distraction might include someone walking around the team using a walker, wheelchair, or pushing a rolling a cart.

The youth will stand either holding the animal in his or her arms or in a basket or pet bed, in the same manner in which it is presented during a visit. A person will drop one of the sound distractions no closer than 5 feet from the animal. The evaluator will let the youth know when the object is being dropped. The visual distraction shall be no closer than 5 feet from the 4-H PetPALS team.

The animal must not show fear, aggression, panic, try to get away, vocalize or eliminate. The youth may praise and encourage the animal during the test.

In this video clip the cat looks at the person pushing the wheelchair and looks when the walker is dropped, but shows only interest in the distractions, no fear or aggression.

In this video clip the rabbit is alert to the person walking around with crutches and looks when the crutches are dropped, but shows no sign of fear or aggression.