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Ohio 4-H uses the 4-H Yoga curriculum and program created by the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service. Check out more about Arkansas 4-H's program and who to contact regarding 4-H Yoga here.4-H Yoga graphic with cartoon boy and girl doing yoga poses with 4-H clovers on their shirts.

About 4-H Yoga

4-H Yoga is like yoga for adults, but sillier! Practicing yoga with kids should be different from yoga practice with adults in that, instead of quiet and calm, it should be noisy and fun. Yoga is a great way to engage kids in physical activity because it helps improve flexibility, balance, and strength all while being noncompetitive and inexpensive. Some studies have even suggested that practicing yoga can improve a child's attention, relationships, self-esteem, and listening skills.

(obtained from Arkansas's website)

Contact your local OSU Extension Office about getting a 4-H Yoga program started today!