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Due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, our 2021 in-person International Exchange Programs (both hosting and traveling) will not be operating. We understand the disappointment this causes and look forward to many Ohio youth and families traveling and hosting with us safely in 2022!


For 2021, we will instead offer several "virtual" international activities:                                                    ***Winter International Pen-Pal Program (February 15 - May 15) Program already full. See flier below.              ***Summer International Pen-Pal Program (June 15 - Sept. 15) Identical to winter program. Flier posted in March)                                                             

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although the Ohio 4-H International Program is not operating in 2020 or 2021 due to COVID, we have retained the 2020 information on this site for your reference, since the 2022 program will look similar. We look forward to you traveling and hosting with us in 2022!

Share your life and learn about another country without leaving home!  




(The 2021 Winter Pen Pal Program is full. Watch for Summer Program info in March!)



   2021 International Program Calendar 

   2021 Winter Pen Pal Program INFO FLIER (for informational purposes only; program is now full)

   2021 Winter Pen Pal INSTRUCTIONS (for informational purposes only; program is now full)


2022 GENERAL Information (Our 2022 updates will be posted this fall and will look similar to 2020, below.)


2022 HOSTING Information (Our 2022 info will be posted this fall. It will look similar to the 2020 info below, which we have retained on this site for your reference.)

 Host a Japanese Youth and Adult! 

 (See next tab for the 2020 application form ... the 2022 form would look similar.)

Ohio host siblings for Japanese youth should be ages 10-16. Ohio host siblings will be matched with a Japanese youth of the same gender & approximate age. The 2022 Host Family Application will be posted to this website in fall, 2021. Applications would be accepted until all youth are placed, usually in late April, 2022.


2022 YOUTH TRAVEL Information (Our 2022 info will be posted this fall. It will look similar to the 2020 info below, which we have retained on this site for your reference. The 2022 Travel Application Deadline will be November 15, 2021.)

Potential Countries: Japan, Argentina, Costa Rica, Norway, South Korea & Romania

See next tab for the 2020 application ... the 2022 application would look similar.

Reminder: The flyers below are from our 2020 program, and are listed here for your reference only.

PAST Traveling Information below for reference only: 

  • Finland 2019 -  (Finland is only offered on "odd" years and will not run in 2020. The 2021 program would look simliar to this 2019 info flier.)


Make It a Project! Your participation in the 4-H International Exchange Program can be the basis of your own unique 4-H self-determined project! Every self-determined project requires the 4-H member to identify and complete areas of interest and related activities, learning experiences, leadership/citizenship activities, and a brief report. Just like other projects, self-determined projects are eligible for fair participation. Visit the Self-Determined Projects and Idea Starter webpage for more information.

Volunteer with the Ohio 4-H International Program!

Join our statewide team of volunteer International County Coordinators (ICCs) who assist with recruiting, interviewing and supporting host families!

Ohio 4-H Volunteer ICC position description


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    About 4-H International Programs - For hosting, traveling, volunteering or donating funds, contact our office at:

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