International Program Application Forms

2020 HOSTING!                                                                                     Application available Nov. 2019 and due asap in 2020!

72 Families will be needed to host Japanese youth and adults (July 23 - August 17). You must have a child in your family aged 10-16 to host a youth. No children required to host an adult.

5-20 Families will be needed to host Costa Rican and Finnish adults (June 23 - July 18). You must have a child in your family aged 14-18. No children required to host an adult.

Applications Due ASAP in 2020 - Until all exchangees are placed. Japanese youth and adults are typically placed by April. Costa Rican and Finnish youth are typically placed by January-February.

Applicants will be notifed of acceptance after references, home visit & background checks are completed.

Follow the green link below for the 2019 Host Family Application. You must have Adobe Reader to open and complete it. 

Download Adobe Reader here! (safe and free):

2019 Host Family Application - DO NOT COMPLETE - This document is being provided FOR REFERENCE ONLY! Please wait for 2020 version to be posted in November 2019!

Please complete the application by following the instructions on page 1. You will be instructed to save the application form to your computer with a new name BEFORE entering information to it - otherwise, your information will be lost! You will need the names, email addresses, phone numbers and postal addresses for your 3 references in order to submit the form. You will also need a family photo, although that can be submitted separately or at a later time. Questions?


2020 TRAVELING! - Application available 10/15/19 and due 11/15/19!

Japan, Costa Rica, Norway and Romania!

Plan to join us! - see previous tab for program descriptions.

2020 Application due November 15, 2019


 2020 "INSTRUCTIONS" Document


 2020 "APPLICATION" Document

The application will be released on October 15. It will be very similar to the 2019 version, which is posted below for your reference ONLY. You may plan ahead by viewing the 2019 version and writing some of your answers in advance. (The questions will be the same.)

DO NOT COMPLETE application below - wait for the 2020 version (released Oct. 15, 2019)