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91 Discovering 4-H (B) 409 Sew Fun (B) 496 My Favorite Things (B)
Discovering 4-H cover Sew Fun cover My Favorite Things cover

ABOUT 4-H This project book is for young first-year members and others who want to discover and explore the broad array of topics offered by 4-H. Any member in need of an easy-to-read, easy-to-use introduction to animals, health, food and nutrition, nature, insects, plants and soils, machines and tools, recreation, and clothing benefits from doing this project, which is easily completed in one year. 2018.

CLOTHING AND TEXTILE SCIENCE This project will have you sewing in no time! Members of any age learn basic sewing skills with an easy introductory project—fully elastic-waisted skirt, shorts, pants, or capris. This project can be repeated it, but good next projects are 413 Sundresses and Jumpers and 419 Terrific Tops. 2017.

CREATIVE AND LEISURE ARTS / COLLECTING Are you interested in creating a personal collection? Want to take a collection you already have to the next level? Learn about various types of collections, the ins and outs of the collecting process, and how to best display your items. For members of all ages. 2014.

588 The Writer in You (I)

592 Get Started in Art (X)

442 Family History Treasure Hunt (X)
The Writer in You cover Get Started in Art cover Family History Treasure Hunt cover
CREATIVE AND LEISURE ARTS / WRITING Find the motivation you need to start or continue your exploration of the art of writing. Explore why to write, where to get ideas, theme, character, plot and setting, word choice, imagery and dialogue. Keep it all in one place to create a portfolio each year. 2016. CREATIVE ARTS / FINE ARTS Explore the basic elements of visual art through activities on color, line, space, balance, and more, and then complete your own work of art. Ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, and crafts are all possibilities. Appropriate for members of all skill levels and ages. 2012. CREATIVE ARTS/GENEALOGY This  project book guides you through 6 years of activities! Discover your family history as you go on a treasure hunt for jewels of information such as interesting relatives, special events, and curious stories. The records you create will last a lifetime. 2018.
459 Let's Start Cooking (B) 462 Yeast Breads on the Rise (A) 485 Racing the Clock to Awesome Meals (I)
Let's Start Cooking cover Yeast Breads on the Rise cover Racing the Clock to Awesome Meals cover
FOOD AND NUTRITION This project takes a fresh look at basic cooking and baking skills. You’ll learn about kitchen equipment and food prep, and how to read recipes and measure ingredients. Then you’ll tackle how to slice and dice food, and how to cook in a microwave oven, on the stove, and in a conventional oven—all while keeping safety in mind. 2015. FOOD AND NUTRITION Master the art of baking delicious yeast breads. Learn the principles of yeast bread preparation, and learn how mixing techniques and ingredients determine product character and quality. 2016. FOOD AND NUTRITION With a focus on the knowledge and skills needed to prepare quick, nutritious, low-cost meals, this project builds on basic food preparation skills so you can tackle difficult recipes while being creative with ingredients. The 7 activities and related recipes can easily be completed in one year. 2010.
359 Your Thoughts Matter (A) 405 The Laundry Project  (B) 491 It's My Home (B)
Your Thoughts Matter cover The Laundry Project cover It's My Home cover
HEALTHY LIVING What does mental health really mean? How many people are affected by mental health issues such as anxiety and depression? Be part of the solution by learning the answers to those questions and more. Intended for advanced-level youth who are interested in learning more about mental health, why it is important to overall well-being, and steps that promote understanding and action. This project is not intended as a resource for those in crisis. If you or someone you know is struggling with a mental health issue, please seek adult or professional help immediately. 2018.

HOME LIVING Everyone loves clean laundry but how do you do it? Learn about laundry machines and products, how to be environmentally friendly in the laundry room, and how to sort and clean laundry items. Experiment how heat affects different types of fibers too! For members of all ages with no experience in doing laundry. 2015. 

BONUS! Click HERE for a "how-to" video about laundry basics. It's part of the Tips for Teens video series offered by Family and Consumer Sciences.

HOME LIVING You can be a big contributor to your household in so many ways. Why not do so AND keep your own sense of style? This project covers basic design elements, organization, upcycling, and service learning. All the activities can be done with your excellent decision making, good taste, and big heart. 2018.
375 Leadership Road Trip: Where Are You Going? (B) 376 Pantry Panic (A) 611 Explore the Outdoors (B)
Leadership Road trip cover Pantry Panic cover Explore the Outdoors cover
LEADERSHIP AND CITIZENSHIP Are you interested in learning about what it takes to become a good leader? Begin your leadership adventure by answering questions about yourself and the people close to you, by setting goals, by practicing communication, and by making a commitment to lead. Intended for youth old enough to explore the nature of leadership. 2013. LEADERSHIP AND CITIZENSHIP This advanced-level project is for community-minded youth who want to take a step back and look at “food insecurity,” an issue affecting much of the world’s population and many people right here in our own communities. Develop the skill and imagination to prepare healthful meals from ingredients you have on hand or might receive from a food pantry. Consider it a challenge! 2014. NATURAL RESOURCES This project opens your eyes to the great outdoors, so get your backpack and field guides ready. The first activity shows how to prepare for an outdoor adventure so you can explore the woodlands, fields, wetlands, and the geology of Ohio. Once you see nature with new appreciation, you'll want to learn more! For youth of all ages interested in Ohio's wildlife and ecosystems. 2016.
621 Ohio Birds (X) 493 Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry (B) 540 Not Just Knots (X)
Ohio Birds cover Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry cover Not Just Knots cover
NATURAL RESOURCES / THE NATURAL WORLD Observe and identify birds with bird feeders in your yard and on field trips to see the many benefits our feathered friends provide. This project book is intended to be used for two years. 2013. STEM/CHEMISTRY Join the Terrestrial Alien Defense Academy and figure out how to outsmart the aliens by doing experiments in your kitchen. Learn about what matter is and how it changes form; explore the different properties of matter; find out about acids and bases; and discover how everyday items and kitchen ingredients can be used in cool tests! 2014. STEM / KNOTS Learn to make 14 different simple knots, bends, and hitches. Remember what they say—practice, practice, practice! Then show what you have learned with a capstone project of your choosing. Sample capstone projects are available at 2016.
173 Horseless Horse (B) 500 Science Fun with Physics (B)  
Horseless Horse cover Science Fun with Physics cover
ANIMAL SCIENCES/HORSES Learn about horses without owning one. over 20 different horse-related subjects are covered in easy-to-use worksheets. Written for the beginner but suitable for members of all ages. 2016. STEM/PHYSICS Let your inner scientist uncover the mysteries of physics at play in daily life. The amazing magician Franco Newtoni is your guide as you try each experiment. You'll see the forces of nature, energy, and the power of physics at work--or is it magic? 2015.


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