Financial Management Forms and Links for 4-H Clubs/Affiliates

Federal Income Tax Exemption

For issues related to Federal Income Tax Exempt Status of Ohio 4-H and chartering, 4-H professionals should contact Lisa Jinks or Tom Archer.  4-H Clubs/Affiliates should first contact their local county office.

Ohio 4-H Fundraising

Ohio 4-H follows the fundraising guidelines of National 4-H Headquarters.  Visit the USDA website  more information or check out the Fact Sheets below!

Ohio Sales Tax Exemption

Exemption from paying Ohio Sales tax applies only to the 4-H Clubs/Affiliates making retail purchases and does not extend to individual members or volunteers.

Financial Reporting

For issues related to federal income tax exemption, Ohio sales tax exemption, chartering and fundraising, 4-H Professionals should contact Lisa Jinks or Tom Archer.  4-H clubs and 4-H affiliates should contact their local county office.